Contract Packaging

Operating multiple packaging lines with up to 200+ employees working two shifts, Bridgeway has the capacity to handle a wide range of packaging, and re-packaging formats. Our flexible staffing model allows us to meets customers' seasonal demands, launch new products quickly, and adjust output as needed to balance inventory.

As an important extension of your business, Bridgeway project managers have a combined 70+ years of extensive manufacturing experience in a variety of industries. We understand the impact of applying efficient, appropriate packaging solutions, and our adaptable work cells allow us to respond quickly to evolving requirements.

Understanding that the package opening experience can be a business differentiator, we have expertise in specifying and sourcing packaging materials which suit your needs. Whether it be different graphics, merchandising environments, margin considerations, warehousing, or shipping requirements, our Operations team will work to find the best solution for your product.

Blister Packaging

Provides high product visibility with folding clamshells or pre-formed clear blisters heat-sealed to a printed card.

1 Visual thermoforming
6 station blister sealers
8 Alloyd 2 station blister sealer
1 Alloyd 6 station high speed blister sealer
1 Algus 6 station high speed blister sealer

Shrink Wrapping

Protects product with a clear flexible film over a blow molded bottle, card, box or other formed package structure.

6 Weldotron shrink tunnels, up to 20" wide capacity
5 Weldotron L-bar sealers, up to 30" x 40" capacity
1 Textwrap 2218 automatic L-Bar
1 Conflex E-250 automatic L-Bar
2 Video Jet date coding/marking systems

Skin Packaging

Allows full view and feel of the product.

4 Ampak skin packaging machines, 30" x 36"
2 Ampak Rotomatic die cutters, 30" x 40"
1 Samco 70 ton die cutter, 28" x 45"
1 Freeman 80 ton die cutter, 30" x 60"

Point of Purchase Displays

From small promotional displays to large freestanding merchandisers, Bridgeway can handle a broad range of in-store marketing solutions.

Hot melt glue applicators
3 Semi-automatic floor staplers
8 Conveyor systems
More than 125,000 square feet of production area to stage and assemble large projects for retail roll-outs

Poly Bagging

A common choice for packaging of multiple items or single pieces, poly bagging can be accomplished with clear, opaque or pre-printed bags, with or without labels.

1 SHARP MAX12 Autobagger with printer
24 Clamco polybag sealers, 12"
1 Ampak Maxima bagger/shrink wrapper, 16" x 16"
8 Automated packaging H-100 baggers (3 inline hot stamp) and 3 inline PI-4000 thermal transfer printers)
3 Excel Auto baggers (1 with attached precision prism two sided printer)

Club Store Packs

Cartons and sleeves are a perfect fit for our facility. We have several flexible work areas that are easily adapted to suit your requirements for any combination of hand and machine packing processes.