Mail Center Operations

Bridgeway's Mail Center is equipped to handle a variety of paper-related and sorting tasks as prescribed by our clients. Whether it be processing incoming mail or assembling and posting outgoing mail, our work groups are accustomed to both.

Using a variety of techniques, both hand and mechanical, we are able to quickly sort and process your incoming mail and collate, insert, seal and ship your outgoing mail.

We can assemble your instruction manuals, binders, DVD's, CD's, software packages or other multi-piece mailers. As an added benefit, we can take these materials in raw form and provide protective, attractive packaging in order to provide a full-service solution.

Use of our weight and postage machines provides additional convenience, and annual background checks are conducted on all Mail Center employees to ensure information integrity.

Services can be provided on either an ongoing basis or treated as one-time special projects.

Just a few of our services include:

  • Mass Mail Opening and Processing
  • Envelope Labeling and Information Inserts
  • Collating and Assembly of Literature
  • Rebate Processing
  • Outgoing Billing Statements
  • Payment Processing